MATS OLAUSSON 1961 - 2015

February 20, 2015
From Jamil Ahsan the Webmaster

It is of deep sadness that the newest update on the website, in such a long time, had to be me, writing this. 

My name is Jamil.  I'm originally from Canada, now living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  I came to know Mats through his best friend and musical colleagues,  Michael Von Knorring & Christer Mentzer via the Internet.  From there began a long term friendship, when I was given the opportunity to build Mats website.  Over time, I came to know so many talented musicians who had recorded and played with Mats.  It was around 2003 when Mats and I spoke on the phone, when he was staying with Donnie Thumper Hill, recording and playing together in a band called Sumosha, based out of North Carolina.

Mats had emailed me back in January 3rd of this year, wishing me all the best in 2015, filled me in that he was back in Thailand, and had some upcoming projects that he would be making mention on here.

Fast forward to this morning, February 20th when Mats' friends Chris Heaven and Donnie Thumper Hill messaged me on Facebook informing me that Mats had passed.

My sincere condolences go out to Mats' family, friends, and musical colleagues who had recorded and played live with Mats. 

Any of you who come across this (including Yngwie and Management team), please drop me a line at
I'd love to hear from you all.

To Mats, I thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this website.
Myself and many others will miss you dearly.

RIP Mats Olausson.

I will keep this website up for those to view to celebrate the life and career of Mats.

News as of February 12, 2010

Last Friday Powerhouse performed, taking part of an event held by the wordwide Rotary organisiation-Polio Plus. Their goal is to raise $200 million USD to eradicate polio in all countries, where the disease is still present. Anders and Andy were unable to perform that day. On drums was Dennis Nybratt, who is a well known musician in Sweden.

* Magnus RosÚn (ex-HAMMERFALL) - Bass
* Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND) - Guitar
* Anders Johansson (HAMMERFALL) - Drums
* Mikael ┼gren (ex-NOSTRADAMEUS) - Vocals, Guitar
and Me on keyboards


I'm also writing and recording new material together with the founder/guitarist Ralf Jederstedt for the next GEFF album.
GEFF website for additional information.