Born in Gothenburg Sweden 1961. At an early age, I started to jingle around on the piano in my family home At the age of seven, I began taking formal piano lessons. Starting with the basics and later moving on to more complex studies. These were mostly classically oriented. As a teenager, I went through the usual period of playing with different band-mates in someones' basement or garage, My influences back then were bands like ELP, GENESIS and YES. So naturally we tried to sound like these bands as much as possible. A few years later I hooked up with the band MOTVIND and started touring and recording with them.

Through most of the 80's, I was living in Stockholm working as a session-musician with lots of different artists and bands. In 1986 I was touring with Jean Beauvoir in the USA, opening for The Eurythmics. I also did one album with Jean B. Ttitled "Jackknifed". I joined Yngwie Malmsteen in late 1989 and became a member of his band for almost 12 years.

After leaving Yngwie, I was in the band ARK for a while. I also performed with KAMELOT on a tour with them back in 2003. After that I recorded and played for a while with an American band called SUMOSHA (whose drummer Donnie Thumper Hill auditioned for Yngwie during the time I was with him) Later I took a break from the spotlight and played in a cover band at a club over in Thailand for a few years.

Lately I've been back in Sweden working as a studio musician and recently with Ralf Jederstedt in the band GEFF.