.Yngwie Malmsteen Video Collection, released 1992
Mats was in these videos:
Making Love, Save Our Love, Bedroom Eyes

Yngwie Malmsteen, Live at Budokan: Filmed at Tokyo's Budokan Arena 1994 Seventh Sign Tour
* Re-released in 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen, LIVE !!!, Recorded in May 1998, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

* re-released 2009 as Live Animal

Yngwie Malmsteen, VIDEO CLIPS, released Nov. 22, 2000
Forever One, The Only One, Carry On A Wayward Son, Alone In Paradise, Like An Angel - For April, Hangar 18, Area 51

Yngwie Malmsteen Far Beyond The Sun DVD, released 2006
Mats on promo videos:

Save Our Love, Bedroom Eyes

There are lots of videos of me on


Just do a search for my name on there.  You will find some old videos of me during my time with Yngwie, Ark and others..